Virtual Patient Demo

MedixGlobal Virtual Patient demo explains how it can give you exceptional insight into how Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) make prescribing decisions. MedixGlobal Virtual Patient gives you an in-depth understanding of the emotional and rational thought processes of HCPs when making prescribing choices.


MedixGlobal Virtual Patient can create any patient with any symptoms and any disease, and is a unique research service that provides an unparalleled depth of understanding. Virtual patient enables the HCP to actually see the patient, ask questions and obtain results of investigations just as one might do in reality. All respondents have access to identical and detailed information, minimizing potential for misunderstanding or uncertainty.


MedixGlobal Virtual Patient is a new generation research technique that can obtain the answer to the most important question – how HCPs make decisions between treatment options – and this information allows marketing messages to be refined to reinforce confidence in your product.


This demo simultaneously gathers both qualitative and quantitative data, saving time and money and provides detailed insight into the thinking of a healthcare professional at the critical moment when they are deciding which treatment to choose.

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